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Herbal Products

100% natural products - from conventional agriculture, no food additives.

       We produce jam of all fruits present in your own garden, and the berries: rabarbar, plums, blackberries, rosehip, raspberry, elder, rabarbar (rubarbar), strawberries, rabarbar with strawberries, apricots , mirabelle, cinnamon apples, quinces; syrup : Acacia and pine; zacuste (zacusti) : with mushrooms and zacuste (zacusti) eggplant, herbs and teas dried organic solar dryers : leaf, nettle, elder flowers, fire boot, yarrow, hawthorn flowers and leaves, linden flowers, leaves, blueberries, called, basil, parsley, lovage, pies, salads and pickles - all 100% BIO .

     Product bio - made from plants, organic ingredients without being genetically modified and are being added without other chemicals.

       We are easy to find, the critics Hotel Rozalia located at 1km from E60, the number 100 in the village of Crit, Buneşti, Brasov county. Also, please contact us for orders numbers, phone: 40 745 268 947 or tel / fax: 40 268 248 709.

      Please visit the our products: House jam, Szruos, Refreshments, Pies, Salads, Pickles, Teas and Hesal.
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